Canadian Representatives

About the company

In our goal to be an indispensible business partner in the various financial services markets, Qualified Media offers commercially available databases of industry-specific qualified representatives. Our clients recognize that the health of a company goes further than having capable models in recruiting, marketing, sales and research, and is in fact limited by the quality of the data that feeds into these cycles. We hence specialize in the compilation of proprietary and publically- and commercially-available information. Our multiple-sourcing of data and its subsequent enhancement, maintenance and distribution counter the industries’ abnormally high mobility, and result in high-integrity products that are unique in reflecting actual market size.

- The database -

Qualified Media has 120,000 of the 123,000 total that the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) reports as currently registered to solicit investment products in Canada; below are the data points available on a majority of records:

  • Individual's name
  • Designation
  • Branch Address
  • Branch Phone
  • Firm Category
  • HQ Address
  • HQ Phone
  • Website
  • Raw data: The entire database, select portions or its subcategories can be downloaded or sent on a CD-ROM, and can include any of the fields from the auto-generated and extended database. By default, file formats are in Excel or CSV, or PDF call-sheet style depending on size.

Financial-services industry products (U.S. unless indicated otherwise)

  • FINRA-registered reps (RR’s) – ‘registered reps’, ‘stockbrokers’, ‘advisors’
    • IAR (RIA firm reps) premium
  • Broker-Dealer Firms
  • RIA firms
  • Banks
  • Individual Investors
  • Canadian investment professionals
  • Insurance agents
  • CPA's
  • Real Estate professionals(brokers and agents)
  • Pension fund managers