Registered Representatives

Qualified Media (QM) develops and maintains comprehensive lists of financial professionals and sophisticated investors in the U.S. and Canada. These lists are used by research companies, recruiters and marketers to the financial industry. Management has been in the financial data business since 1966 offering unparalleled intelligence and insight based on what has worked for the successful marketers to the industry.

As a company that conducts research, compilation and cleansing of data we take privacy and security very carefully. The improper usage and/or dissemination of our various data products is strictly prohibited and monitored using various techniques including seeds, controls and secure co-location.

- The Database -


To assure that the most recent professional information is what’s available to our clients, our multiple-sourcing of data and its subsequent enhancement, maintenance and distribution counter the industry’s abnormally high mobility, and result in high-integrity products that are unique in reflecting actual market size. This process involves this involves algorithmic cross-referencing and diligent testing with 3rd-party providers of additional personal information such as demographics and opt-in e-mails.

Data points – 35,000 firms, of which over 40,000 officers

  • Name and CRD
  • Demographics
  • Home address
  • Home phone
  • Opt-in e-mail
  • Firm & firm category
  • Local office address
  • Local office phone
  • Work History going back 20 years
  • Lisenses (includes CPA, insurance, CFP)
  • Years registered with FINRA (and s7 specifically)
  • Date of hire
  • Title
  • Estimated production & AUM
  • Head office employee true/false
  • True/False indicators for major licensing and designations

- Access -

Premium Subscription

Whether a Online Subscription, Customized List or Raw Data, we allow our clients to search per all available data points, prioritize location as relevant to residential or local office and prioritize by e-mail, phone or physical address, with zero search restrictions.

Online Subscriptions

Access to our hosted database is the most cost-effective way to access the industry’s most comprehensive database of FINRA-registered professionals through an easy-to-use, two-step system. This model is preferable for those whose need for accurate data is on-going, and allows our clients the following:

  • Flexibility to NOT commit to any one set of search criteria
  • On-demand access so as to immediately react to industry events
  • Access to automatic updates
  • Customized territory

As a subscriber, your company can

  • Easily output up to 40K records at a time for upload to your CRM software
  • Customize output data points
  • Have reliable access to our product, as our system is backed by state-of-the-art redundant servers
  • Save sets of search criteria
  • Monitor users’ activity
  • Access on-demand industry-wide reports relevant to geography, firm, demographics and more

Customized List

Please call us immediately so that a rep can customize a list for your company per all available data points, prioritize location as relevant to residential or local office and prioritize by e-mail, phone or physical address. A request for counts does not require a commitment. Rates begin at $0.45/record, minimum $200.

Raw Data

Raw data is only advisable if your company has the internal technological capability to run searches on large amounts of data. The entire database, select large portions or its subcategories can be downloaded or sent on a CD-ROM, and can include any of the fields from the auto-generated and extended database. By default, file formats are in Excel or CSV, depending on size. Custom fields can be requested (e.g., retention rate for affiliate company, estimated assets under management, frequency and average distance moved per rep).

- Services -


Due to our database’s comprehensiveness and extended history, we have the industry’s only FINRA archiving tool. QM can enhance your trend forecasting capabilities as is an important decision-support tool.

  • Trends in licensing (has the s65/66 rush began to slow or does it continue to quicken?)
  • Regional affluence (compare 1999 stats to current for, say, SW or NE or any super region)
  • Demographic trends (age, ethnicity, gender)
  • Firm attrition rates